What We Do


We create mass media marketing strategies targeting in the building of a brand through the mass projection of this to a nationwide audience.


We set up tv campaigns with the purpose of the mass projection of a product or service to a massive audience. What we do is to create the idea of the tv spot, to shoot it and to buy the air time.


Psychologists’ research says that the client needs to come in contact with an advertising message at least three times before it starts to be affective. The only medium that can give a massive high repeatability of displaying an advertising message with the lowest possible cost is the radio. We undertake to create the radio spot and make the buying of the air time based on your budget.


We offer you the best possible placement in Google, user friendly navigation & experience and the development of strong communities which they will hold the brand.

Web site development – E-Shop

We create unique websites and modern and functional e-shops based on the needs of your business. Our work is not only to create for you the website or the e-shop. Win Win Marketing doesn’t see you as one more customer, but as a partner, We are by your side all the time providing website support in a daily basis.

Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.)

Give to your business the projection it deserves by leading in Google in the basic keywords that has to do with your business. The services we provide you are very helpful in increasing the traffic to your website.

Google Display & Remarketing

We undertake the creation of advertisement banners of your company and we undertake to show those banners through other websites that your customers are interesting in. With Google Display we show the banners in an audience we chose according to the age criteria, geographical criteria and psychologically criteria. With the remarketing we show those banners in those people who have already visited your website when they are visiting other websites so that you are constantly at the heart of their interest.

Social Media Management

Make the relationships with your customers more powerful and bring in new customers. The Social Media Marketing is one of the more important parts in the digital promotion and advertising of products and services. Win Win Marketing aiming, after the analysis of the needs and requirements of your business, in a very strong web community which they will hold the brand. Through the management that we shall make to your social media accounts you will see from the first month, not only the highly increased of your followers and fans but also the interaction of this audience with you.


These are direct marketing strategies which aim at direct contact with specific groups and are more focused on influencing the opinion of this group of people positive for the brand.

Direct Mail Marketing

We can set up mail campaigns to group of people that are close to the services or products of your brand so that they can promote the brand or advertise different special offers that you can offer to this audience.


Through a number of big events that Win Win Marketing organize every year and also a huge amount of companies that are cooperate with us, you have the opportunity through the process of sponsorship, a process that your brand start being partner with other companies, to increase your fame in a huge audience that is indeed your target group building with this way a better brand name.

Brand Activation

This is the art to lead the customer in a number of acts together with your brand creating a unique experience. We undertake the creative building of the idea, the practical arrangement of the activities that will take place and the legal coverage for the event (municipal permit etc).

In Store Marketing

We plan and implement strategic and practical activities that take place within the brand’s natural store with the purpose of interacting with the kinds of existing customers who are physically present in the store in order to increase sales.